Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red red red red... and black... and white... and flesh tones!

I've gotten all the armor and tabards finished on the Sisters, and the flesh and eyes and lips. Of course, my best tiny tiny spotter decided to curl on me tonight... after a year of sporadic use... I shall lament its curling..... right up until I get a hobby knife and cut the curl off! Mwuahahaha!

At this point I'm debating how what way to go with the symbols. I know they will be grey, but I have to figure out which greys. Should be finishing up the symbols tonight after class, which reminds me I have a chapter to read this afternoon (silly instructor is giving us a 'quiz' on the chapter, for her first class, go figure). But at this point I can honestly say (if I don't count the rhinos, immolators, and exorcists) that I'm roughly 75-80% finished with them.

Now that is a lot of Sisters...

Three different skin tones, though the picture really makes the 'african' based one look all wrong

The Mistress for the Repentia unit. Details on the strangeness below.

WIP on a Sister Dialogis. I hate the GW fig for the Dialogis, so yon Seraphim shall become one
When I purchased my SoB infantry I used the great and powerful eBay. Of course when you use that tool, sometimes you get some 'odd' figs. In my case a seriously chopped up normally bolter toting grenade pin pulling sister. Plus the Seraphim Superior missing her power sword. I looked at them and thought 'Mistress for the repentia, and that one will work great for a dialogis... after I do a little work.'

Digging into my insane clutter and bits collection, I pulled out a pair of Dark Eldar agonizer bits, and got to work getting them to work as neural whips. I little snipping, a bit of glue, and presto we get an interesting looking Mistress.

With the Dialogis I pulled out the pin vice and got to work, added a bit of brass rod, and decided to hold off on finishing the fig for a bit. I'll be creating some kind of speaker or microphone for the hand held rod, the foot based one will be used to fix her to a custom base.

Until later!


  1. very nice pic's you uploaded I think you are doing a great job
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  2. Thank you, still a way to go, but overall I'm liking how they are turning out.