Thursday, February 16, 2012

Complements on customer support

Having purchased some Privateer Press product in recent months, I finally opened the Protectorate of Menoth battlegroup box, and a Exemplar Cinerator box. Now, up until today I have had nothing but awesome come out of PP packages, unfortunately today I had the misfortune of some weird luck.

The battlegroup box is supposed to come with: Kreos, 1x Crusader heavy warjack, 1x Repenter light warjack, and 1x Revenger light warjack. To my surprise my box came with 2 Crusaders, 1 Repenter, and 1 Revenger, but no Kreos. Though it had all the correct cards for a normal Menoth battlegroup box.

The Exemplar Cinerators were all there, card as well... but 3 of the 5 figs swords looked like someone had decided to bend them into new interesting shapes. Decidedly odd in my opinion.

Thus came my call to Privateer Press customer support. And let me say I've never been so impressed by CS from any company. I was on hold all of about 3 seconds before I was talking to a CS representative. Explained my issues with the product, and was informed that the Cinerators were likely from the initial run as that run had some issues. No problem, he gave me some ideas to fix the figs without need of replacement (which I will be trying out tomorrow). Then he was as baffled about the no Kreos but extra Crusader as much as I was. So after getting my address, he let me know a replacement Kreos would be shipped to me soon.

Overall I have to say that the experience with the PP Customer Service department was above and beyond. He was helpful, polite, and willing to go the extra mile to help make sure my experience with their product was great. It's experiences like this that give me a smile, as some companies have very bad CS (not going to name names on companies, everyone has run across it from time to time).

This has definitely made me an even bigger proponent of Privateer Press products and services.

Until later!