Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post in progress... Menoth forces

I finished up Blood of Martyrs, pFeora, a full unit of Exemplar Cinerators, and I'm well on my way painting up the Covenant of Menoth. Working on these Menoth figs has given me a huge boost in my painting of late. After doing all the shade, wash, and highlighting on 60+ Sisters of Battle I just REALLY needed a change of pace, and these miniatures for Menoth have been just that for me.

At this point I have finished in the last week (pics to be added this evening):
Thyra, Flame of Sorrow
pFeora, Priestess of the Flame
Nicea, Tear of Vengeance
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Blood of Martyrs
1 unit of Daughters of the Flame
1 unit of Exemplar Cinerators

I still have the following to paint, but I will be taking a break from Menoth to finish work on the Sisters as I have the detailing on about 20 and full paint and conversion on 2 figs to finish. Oh, and 6-8 vehicles to get past their base coating of black.

On the workbench for Menoth:
Vessel of Judgement
Avatar of Menoth
Crusader (primed, work begun on basecoating)
1 unit Exemplar Errants (minimum size)
1 unit Exemplar Bastions (full unit)
1 unit Daughters of the Flame
1 unit Temple Flameguard (full unit)
Flameguard Precentor & Standard (UA)
1 unit Choir of Menoth (full unit)
Covenant of Menoth (all base coats finished, beginning of layering process. Roughly 40-50% finished)

At the pace I've been keeping I'll likely have ALL of the Menoth forces for my army painted up inside of the next 2 weeks. I've been going with a slightly altered paint scheme for my forces, but nothing seriously different from the 'normal' scheme. Overall my big change has been using brass over gold in a lot of cases, as well as armor being a sort of NMM iron/steel over 'painted Menoth white'. In a number of cases it has been switching the sanguine with white where the 'normal' scheme has them. It makes the army look interesting without pulling it completely away from a Menoth feel.

I do admit that the first units and character figs I did were a bit less than my best effort, as I really wanted to get painted figs on the table. But I've switched to my more time consuming dozens of thin thin layers mode starting with the Covenant. This lets me use some of the better techniques like Zenithal Highlighting to help speed up the painting, while keeping the pace to a reasonable level.

I also got in a 35 point game last night against Cygnar (Constance Blaze, morrow list + thunderhead +eEirys + extras). The Daughters went through a precursor knight unit like it was tissue paper, before dying in a blaze of lightning to thunderheads AOE attack. The game ended with a caster kill win for me. I'm REALLY liking Thyra, but I also admit I'm still learning, made a number of mistakes and my win came out of a possible disasterous mistake in almost feeding my caster to my opponent.

Until later!

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