Sunday, February 5, 2012

Village work continues, WIP pics

A few days have passed since my last post, and today I got a lot of work done on the current oriental village buildings. Detail work finished, and painting finished.

At this point I'm thinking of how to base each of the buildings, and I keep thinking of putting the 'tea house' on a small hill.

Overall this has been fun work, and when it came time to paint them I decided to keep to a very small palette.

Primer: Krylon Black Primer, The Army Painter Rat Fur Primer
Base Coat: FolkArt Burnt Umber
Mid-tone: FolkArt Bark Brown
Highlight: FolkArt Linen

Keeping to such a small palette of colors kept the buildings all tied together in their look. Do they look rough? yes, intentionally. These are for play, not for extreme detail and precision. Plus, it has been years since I'd built and painted buildings, so I'm fairly rusty on techniques and had to relearn them on the fly. I like how they turned out, detailed enough to look good from arms length (wargaming range of looking in general).

This project isn't finished, but I will probably scale it back a bit. I'll probably do a couple more houses and some scenery like walls, well, etc. I have to get back to work on other projects, so I'll have a lot less time to work on this project for home use. Though this did actually help me realize there are a few projects of this type I will be doing soon enough.

Until later!

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