Saturday, April 7, 2012

Adepticon prep

I'm working on projects for the Crystal Brush at Adepticon, which is coming up in a couple weeks. As well as finishing up work on my Kill Zone team for play there as well. Another project in the works is finishing up the renegade IG force (which I've recently finished painting 5 Ogryn for), as well as assembling and painting a Super Dungeon Explore set (which I've shown WIP on 2 figs from) to take up for slack times.

As the deadlines get thinner, I'm working even harder to get all these projects finished. But I tend to be one of those people that works better at the last minute.

My Kill Zone team is going to be based on the Space Wolves codex, but with my 'homebrew' chapter the Blood Wolves. At this point I have about 5 different teams worked out on paper, and this coming week I plan to get some games in to dial in on what one I want to use. But as an aside I'll also be bringing roughly 1k of Blood Wolves just for random games if I get the chance. Of course, I say 1k worth now, but knowing me I'll have 1850 ready... I just tend to go a bit overboard at times heh.

I'll be getting pics up soon of all the WIP, and I'll be writing up a post about my take on Kill Zone in the next few days.

Until later!


  1. Looking forward to seeing that Killzone team! I know what you mean about going overboard as well.

  2. I'm planning to get the lightbox out tonight and get my WIP pics done... if I can get the camera settings fixed 'again'. It's frustrating to have a decent camera, but having to adjust settings every single time I use the dang thing.