Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 3

Day 2 of actual cutting and construction. Things went a bit smoother today, though the scroll saw had a blade snap which I had to replace. But overall my preplanning on wall placement and door cuts sped things up quite a bit.

At this point I have the ground floor and second floor finished (sans detailing), and tomorrow I'll begin work on the last level and roofing. Once that is completed I'll begin detailing with bass wood and plasticard before priming and painting. Once that step is complete I'll be going in with cardstock which will have carpet textures, wall paper/paneling, and posters.

Todays progress:

This image shows how I lined out the board with a mechanical pencil, this really helped speed things up as I could measure parts of the work on the fly.

In these images You can see the work as I realized in some cases it would be necessarily to use smaller lengths of hardboard to make a full wall. Of course clamping is a necessity to make sure that the glue joins between walls and the 'floor' were solid, this also helped in another way, in that the walls took out the warping in the larger floor section.

More clamping in evidence, but the overall feel of the second floor is very obvious at this point. The stairs to the third floor/roof can be seen as I was constructing them at the time I took this pic. Lesson learned from this staircase: Individual risers are a total pain in the butt to do, if the measurements are off by even 1/16" they tend to fall, clamping is an absolute must in cases like this.
Perspective view

This floor has a japanese style bath (upper right corner), 2 private rooms (middle top/bottom), and a 'dungeon' type room connected to the private rooms as well as the hallway near the stairs. There is a 'utility room' in the upper left corner behind the stairs, but it is built to be inaccessible and will only have a door for show.

The stairs from ground level end in an entrance portico, though it is only semi-useful for infantry figs as the longest length of it only has 1/2" before the rail/wall. Honestly I don't mind that little oversight, as it reduces the camping possibilities inherent in balconies. And it still gives a level of cover to the figs on the uppermost stair(s).

Part 4 tomorrow night! Feel free to comment.

Until later!

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