Thursday, August 23, 2012

Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 4

Day 4 of the construction of Sinner's Respite. Things went really great for the first 3 hours of work, then my last scroll saw blade broke. So the last cutting I needed to do in order to finish the roof on the third floor had to be postponed until tomorrow.

Since pretty much everything else had been finished to the pre-detailing point I decided to prime the building. I left the main club wood floor masked while I primed it so that I could use wood stain on the floor in that room. As soon as I get the new scroll saw blade installed I'll finish the last cuts to finish the roof and then I'll get onto beginning to do detail work.

Progress to this point:

1/2" tall 'railing' around the upper floor will give no cover unless someone is shooting at a fig from ground level. This kind of balances out other factors in the building. Though part of the 'roof' will have a decorative fence added that will give full cover from certain angles. I also plan to build an air handler (hvac compressor) to place on the roof as well.

This room will have a modular wall most likely to allow it to be used in multiple ways.
I have to trim one side of the roof, and cut the interior rafters for strengthening this piece. Without the rafters it will be VERY easy to break the glue joints.





This corner seperated before the glue fully set, yet is still glued together. I'll be covering this corner with plasticard which should also increase the joints strength.
Initial priming
C & C welcome!

Until later!