Sunday, August 26, 2012

Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 6 (Terrain in a Game)

Today is an update just showing the current terrain project in a game of Infinity. Detailing updates will continue Monday evening as today is a 'day of rest' for me.

Initial table layout. The hot wheels cars are a tad on the small size, but did give a bit of cover in play. The walls on top of several of the buildings are from War Gamma ( ), The crates and pipes are hirst mold stuff cast in resin. The white foamboard buildings are from a league member, while all the grey buildings and oriental style buildings are things I've built or am in the middle of detailing.

JSA vs. a Nomad GML list

my ALEPH vs a Haqq list

My Marut going Rambo, at this point my opponent conceded the game because of a lack of a reliable way to deal with ARM 8 and BTS -9.
Overall the Sinner's Respite has been working out well. Both games had someone use it. In my first game both of my Dasyu (1 sniper, 1 hacker) used it to great effect (okay not so much the hacker... missed all her hacking rolls by 1). In the second game one of my Naga placed 3 mono mines in it and tied up one of the opponents figs for the entire game (though the GML neutered my list in turn 2).

C&C welcome!

Until later!