Friday, August 24, 2012

Initial WIP on Terrain, Part 5

Day 5 comes to a close. Didn't get as much finished as I'd like, partially due to having to go material shopping.... Seriously, who the heck prices paper? 250 sheets of cardstock for $14.99+ tax? No packages smaller at the office supply stores? Had to settle for 67 lb cardstock at one of the craft stores, when I REALLY wanted 110 lb. Oh, and my new scroll saw blades... well they are pretty slick... they are called Spiral blades, and can cut in 360 degrees without turning the material being cut... unfortunately they have a HUGE downside. This downside being that they are VERY easy to break. Inside of the first 20 minutes working I'd broken 2 of them, and one was simply from trying to put it in the blade holders a little to tight. *sigh*

What I did accomplish was adding some external electrical breaker boxes to the building, 2 interior sliding doors, framing out the second story balcony, adding in posts to the third floor to add some kind of LoS obsuring lattice (probably), adding clay tile plasticard to the upper roof, as well as buildng an air handler to put on the roof. Overall about 1/2 of what I wanted to get done today. But not really to far behind at this point.

Imagery galore:

You've likely noticed the 'fringe' on some of the doors and other edges. This will be dealt with, it's a mix of primer/humidity and minor fringing of the hardboard I used. I'll be sanding the areas that are having the issue and when I get to painting it will go away.

C&C is most welcome!

Until Later!