Sunday, October 16, 2011

A link to a great deal on a light box for photo taking

If you're like me, you've attempted to make light boxes to get better pics. And if you're like me then your attempts have likely had mixed results. I finally got tired of redesigning the silly thing, and looked for a reasonably priced option for a light box. And in the end the results were great! My new light box is on the way, and I'll be putting up a lot of update pics next weekend/week.

This is the light box set I purchased. Take note of the price tag... $29 with free shipping. Yes, $29. Yes, Free shipping. It comes with a 16" x 16" light box, 4 non-reflective backgrounds, 2 lights, a camera tripod, and case for all of it.

I've done another good thing for the hobby community, and I am glad.

Until later!


  1. aww sucks, no shipping outside US or Canada :(

  2. Just do a search for Digital Microscope, you're sure to find a similar item that does ship :)

  3. wow... did I say digital microscope? total disconnect on the brain/hand interface there. I mean Photography Light Box.