Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who doesn't like a giveaway?

I can say that I enjoy giveaways as much as any person. Free swag and nifty stuff is always a good thing. So HotPANDA at The Chaos Manifesto is having a giveaway due to reaching his 100th post. Shall I give up the tale of what is up for grabs? Nah. But I will give you a link to it so you can find out for yourself what the good Panda is going to give out!

So, go, read, enjoy, join in on a chance to win something nifty!


  1. I agree! Not liking free stuff is for Communists and Heretics!

  2. Chaos Communist are the worst kind of people next to troll-faced people....whahahahaha...thanks for the shout and for showing my blog a little bit of love.

  3. No problem, the hobby needs good voices to bolster it. And if I can be one of those voices all the better!