Sunday, October 2, 2011

Upcoming Redesign, and Big Project for the Spring of 2012

Well, it's been far to long since I posted. 'Ardboyz came and went, and I didn't place locally in the top 3. But I had fun, even if I found Grey Knights to be seriously over the top to play against. All my projects have been on hold as school ramped up for me, and now I'm nearly finished with my first Bachelors program class in marketing.

A project I've had on the mind for well over a year is finally starting to come together. Marketing class finally got me info I needed to make this idea become a reality, at least I hope. I'm hoping to put together a project that will be like a mini-Heroes of Armageddon. The proceeds of which will go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, a place that is definitely worthy of having charitable donations given to. They help hundreds of children every year with their medical needs, and do research on a number of diseases which afflict many children. I'll be getting more details on the projected posted in coming weeks, as I work out more of the details and get the groundwork going for it.

The blog is going to get a redesign in the coming weeks. I'm just finding that the current design is hard to deal with. I'm enlisting a bit of help, and will be getting this beast under control. Part of the redesign will be my working on a new logo for the site and business, as well as the overall blog layout.

More postings coming this week. Sorry for the absence, now that things are settling down again I'll be more active about posting.

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