Monday, January 16, 2012

More thoughts on the oriental themed village

Having watched The Last Samurai again, as well as the anime Samurai Girls, I realized that my smithy isn't really right. So that building will become something else in the village. The weekend was a bust for work, due to an unexpected overnight stay by my kids friends, as well as having to read 8 chapters for my university class. I plan to get back to work on the village tomorrow, just a bit more studying than I like to get done today.

Here are a few screen captures of The Last Samurai that I will be using as more source material for my work.

The last one definitely shows a mistake on my part for the smithy, but overall I believe I'm getting things relatively right. And since I'm not going for perfect reproduction I'm definitely doing well. More updates in the next few days!

Until later!


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  2. Thanks, I'm now following your blog as well. Its nice to get complements on the blog, and commentary in general. So keep coming back, and feel free to comment!

  3. There's a great post about Samurai Girls here which I think may interest you!