Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions and Wargaming

Happy New Year everyone, hopefully you had a great holiday season. Over the course of the last few weeks I've had a lot of interesting things going on with family, and thought about some things in general as well as related to gaming (wargaming, roleplaying, computer gaming... etc). This lead me to thinking about New Years Resolutions and how they can be part of Wargaming.

New Years Resolutions obviously are about changing things in a positive way. Be it a resolution to stop smoking, change diet, work out and loose weight, or other things. But has it occurred to you that resolutions can also be hobby related?

My list of resolutions isn't very big, but it does hit upon a few key points for me. Namely getting back in shape, work related changes, and school related changes. But also the parts for work apply to my love of gaming as well as painting, converting, and modelling things for gaming. I started Painting Sanctuary as my home business, and due to a number of things I've kind of let it just bumble along. Well that has to stop, and as my first step towards that I'm going to share my New Years Resolution list with you all.

Elbrun's New Years Resolutions:
1) Get back into shape through changes in diet and excersize. Lets be honest here, if you aren't in at least average shape you get tired, edgy, don't have the push to get things done you need to do. So getting healthier is a must.
2) Put as much effort into my university work as I should be. At least 2 hours a day of study/work. No point in going to school for a degree if you aren't putting in the effort you should be. And lets be honest, more education is a good things for anyone.
3) Putting at least 6 hours a day into Painting Sanctuary work (Mon-Fri). Be it sketching, practicing painting techniques, working on figs/models/terrain. Lately I've been slacking, badly, and 6 hours a week was a high point this last month. That changes today, and can only be a positive thing.
4) Keep my work area less 'bomb exploded' in appearance. I have shelves, cabinets, storage boxes... time to use them properly. Having your supplies and projects properly stored is key to being able to get to them and work on them efficiently.
5) Get at least 2 armies and/or 6 unit/single figs (single figs to tournament standard) finished every 3 months. This is a business, as well as an outlet to help others with their hobbying. If I can't keep up a minimum of work, then I won't succeed. Currently I have one army nearly finished, another about 40% done, and another in the early stages of color scheme design.
6) Blog more regularly, long gaps in blogging don't help anyone. Yep, that sums that up.
7) Get the the FLGS more often to play. The last 6 months have had me at the FLGS about 6 times, and only 3 of them to play. This doesn't really help my ability to play, nor help me be tied to the gaming community locally. This is one I have to change.

Has anyone else come up with hobby/gaming related resolutions this year? I'd love to hear them! Feel free to comment.

Until later!

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