Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oriental Themed Village Scenery (Updated)

I'm putting together plans for constructing an oriental village. This will be constructed from foam core, bass wood, balsa wood, onion paper, cut up bath towels (we got new ones), and other useful materials I have on hand. Over the course of this weekend I'll be scanning a few of the plans I have come up with, and post on the preliminary work (which begins Monday) on the construction.

Of course, I have no oriental miniatures or games, but I've always had a love of the architecture of Japan and China. So this will blend elements of both and some other influences I've come across. At this point I am planning on 8 buildings (maybe more), several terrain pieces (ponds, walls, bridges, fields/rice paddies). Though I'm not really sure what I'll do with it once finish, I'm leaning towards selling it, or auctioning it off for a worthy cause.

My only trouble with this project is a distinct lack of scale bamboo trees/shoots/whatever for making bamboo groves. If anyone has suggestions I'm very much looking for ideas on how to go about making them for this project.

(UPDATE) I've got the plans roughly 50-75% finished, and will be scanning my rough designs this evening to post. I'm still looking for suggestions for modelling bamboo plants, anyone with ideas feel free to let me know.

Feel free to comment, I'd love to get input on this project. Until later!


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