Friday, January 27, 2012

Village buildings, more progress!

Had a bit of a hobby stall for a few days as I worked on some school and family things, but came back with more progress. I've primed 2 of the buildings, and have the third ready for priming. I'm still working on some issues with detailing, but overall the progress is satisfactory and back on 'schedule'.

Before I show the progress on the buildings, a picture of one of the things that held me up for a few days...

Helping out my partner with her puzzle. Talk about a real pain in the butt project, took nearly a week to finish. So many odd shaped pieces, and pieces that 'just' fit in the wrong places.... But we persevered! And it came out great, she plans to get it glued together and framed, which I think is pretty cool.

And on to the hobby stuff!

As I said before I'm not sticking to one specific countries way of building, so I've mixed together several oriental building styles. The third building got a roof seen more in old Chinese buildings, which turned out pretty nice overall (at least I think it did). And that building as well as the other small building will be getting more exterior detail work before I get to final painting.

Overview of the buildings so far.

The roof on this one is being a pain, but should turn out well as a thatched roof.

The flash shows the exterior plank detail fairly well, should come out great once painted.

The third buildings roof... a side view perspective.

The second buildings roof, I'll be adding a few things to it before final paint, but it is roughly 75% finished at this point.

The third building from the 'front', very bare at this point, but I'll be adding some exterior detail soon.
Lesson learned today: Curved roofs are a PAIN to do. But in the end they look pretty good.

Second lesson learned today: Measurements are not necessarily right, even when they are right. Seriously, measure twice cut once didn't work at all today, was more like measure twice, cut twice.

Hobby Material Hero of the project.... fruit snack box card (or cereal box card). Tons of uses, and it comes with something you are going to use up anyway, so give it a new life in a hobby project!

At this point, knowing that I still need to do exterior detail and paint, I've started working on how I'll be basing the buildings. In at least once case (the tea house) I think I'll build up a small hill with it on top and steps leading to the door. But for the others, not sure at this point.

I'm looking for ideas and suggestions for creating 28mm scale bamboo plants, the big ones like in some ninja movies. I'm kind of at a loss at this point on doing it and could REALLY use some suggestions.

Until later!

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