Friday, January 13, 2012

Oriental Themed Village WIP

It's been a few days, and there have been a few delays, but I now have the first 3 buildings well under way. Keep in mind, I am not going for any specific countries feudal/medieval era buildings, but buildings falling into the 'oriental' theme using aspects of a number of feudal oriental designs. So far things have gone well, and the tea house, smithy, and a farm home are in the rough stage before I get in and detail them out. I have yet to decide if each of them will be able to be opened for interior use, but at this point the exteriors are starting to look good.

I plan to use some of the 400 'scale model wood planks' I bought a couple months ago to do exterior and interior work (for those that are finished in a way to allow interior play useage). Bass wood supports on the corners of the buildings are definitely happening on the ones I have built so far, and possibly all the rest to keep a standard of design between them. The windows have yet to be blocked out and worked on, they are a step past where I am currently which is roof construction.

Here are pics of the WIP:

The three buildings minus roofing

interior shot of tea house

interior shot of farm house


I plan to add another foam board layer to each of the acloves and then carve them out on the interior... if this building is finished to allow interior use.

Early stage of the first roof.

I used cardboard, with one facing pulled off and cleaned up. I then cut the angles, then glued them together with paper at the joins. I then glued in a bevel cut piece of foam board as the top of this stage of the roof.

How the roof (currently) looks on the smithy.

How the roof looks on the tea house.
Next phase after I finish up the first stage of the roofs is to then move on to peaking the roofs, then getting the windows boxed in with balsa, tooth picks, and pieces of popsicle sticks as the material of choice. Then 'paneling' the exterior with my scale wood planks along the bottoms of the tea house and farm house walls. I may also build a small 'patio' on the front of the farm house.

I'll be posting more WIP on this in the next few days.

Until later!


  1. It's looking pretty good, friend. Great work.

  2. Thanks, I could do them faster, but then the detail wouldn't come out well in my opinion. They aren't really hard to make overall, just comes down to having a good starting point and working from that. In my case a good floor design, then looking over pics from anime, movies, and tourism sites.