Sunday, January 22, 2012

The oriental village gets a little closer to done (WIP)

Welcome back to the progress on the oriental themed village. I've been a bit lax this week in my progress, but there 'has' been progress. Took a few days off to look over new sources for ideas, and to decide on how to deal with a detailing issue on the buildings. And it has paid off. I've decided to mix between Chinese and Japanese style roofs on the buildings, all oriental after all. I've also decided that it is easier, and probably better, to clad the exteriors in card which I then use various tools to imprint the look of boards. I'll also be using some bass wood, balsa, and other wood to do some details, but the boards of the exterior of the buildings would have just taken ages to do if I did actual boards.

I'm working on exactly how to paint up the first few buildings, and still working on the second and third roof while I rattle the thinking around in my head.

Without further ado... the WIP pics!

Used an idea from a thread I saw on a forum (I'll dig out the link soon and post it up) for how to make 'thatch' type roofs. It's really not that hard, and I'll put a post up in a day or so with the very very easy to use details.

Sculpting tools work wonders on 'engraving' wood panel/board details on card.
I'll be posting more on this project in the coming few days, as I get some more finished (around my working on 2 projects for a university class).

Feel free to comment, critique, give suggestions, etc. I'm always happy to see responses to my work.

Until later!

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