Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for a WD article.

I missed WD 365 and 366, so I totally missed the spearhead expansion rules. Anyone that has them and would be willing to scan me a copy I'd be ever so greatful. It's annoying that with 3 LGS not a single one has the issue with those rules left... the ones before and after those issues yes, but not the specific issue. Then GW being tools and only putting the formation part on their website... gotta buy the mag for the rule. (grumble).

It's things like this that frustrate the customer base. And it goes hand in hand with GW's greed tactics of the last large number of years.

Oh well, anyone that happens to have the rules please let me know.


  1. I am having the same problem trying to pick up the spearhead rules. None of the local stores have the issue and they all sold out before I could get a copy. If you find a solution please let me know.

  2. Annoyingly I KNOW I have this mag myself but couldn't find it when I last came to play Spearhead and relied on my opponent bringing a copy. I'm still at the "search, it's gotta be here somewhere" stage and am not trying to buy another copy yet, but I just quickly checked ebay and there appears to be one of each available. If it's any help, you're looking for US white dwarf 365 or uk white dwarf 366 - in case your search takes you to overseas ebay :oP

  3. Thanks, I may just have to ask one of the shop owners to photocopy the section from their copies. You'd think GW would have enough sense to put it in the archive after 6 months... oh wait, GW and sense don't go together all that well at times lol

  4. Yeah it is a bit dumb that they put the formations up but not the core rules - all very well for apocalypse where there's an actual rulebook you can buy, but spearhead is standalone. They should have just included the rules for spearhead in the back of the battle missions book or something :oP