Sunday, December 12, 2010

What comes from a day stuck in the house

Well the weather is pretty crappy here today. Very cold, snowy, and VERY windy. So I didn't get out of the house, but I did get a few figs nearly completed today. Just a few minor touch ups to do and they will be ready.

First up is Colette Du Bois, of the Arcanist faction in the game Malifaux.

The pic doesn't do her face justice, I can't seem to keep from getting really grainy pics lately. But in person the face isn't at all a 'huh, bleh'. The hardest part was blending up from bronzed flesh, which was far too orange for my tastes.

The other one I worked on today was Lelu, of the Neverborn faction in the game Malifaux.

Very simple color scheme, the horns look bad in the pic but are actually very well blended from a bone>white. I really need to get a much better handle on this camera.

Overall not a bad day for painting, even with the kids wanting to be at my elbow allllllll day.

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