Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Star Drakes Drakon Tu'shak

Been a somewhat busy week, though productive, as I've gotten some GS work done on a Rhino... and finished Drakon Tu'shak for my Star Drakes (counts as Space Wolves) Chapter.

The Star Drakes are a hybrid of Nordic and Mezoamerican cultures from their recruiting world on a mixed jungle/badlands deathworld known as Crall VI. A planet which for several millenia was one of a cluster of worlds held in the grip of a massive warp storm, which cut it off from the Imperium since the 34th millenium. The Star Drakes having been cut off during that time as well, within the cluster of several dozen systems, and giving rise to massive deviations in their core doctrines from the Codex Astartes. Though there have been hundreds of warp incursions within the storm wracked area, the Star Drakes have stayed nearly untouched by the effects of chaos... except for the advent of their geneseed deviation which is similar in effect (but not looks) to the Wulfen issue the Space Wolves have with their geneseed.

Tu'shak is a veteran of nearly 600 years of combat within their cluster of warp caged worlds, having risen to the rank of Drakon (Chapter Warchief / Master) nearly 300 years past. He is a follower of the Hasha'tuk Cult within the chapter, which is the follows the tenants of headhunting of enemies. It is just one of three cults within the chapter, each of which gives rise to variations on tactical and strategic doctrines on the battlefield.

The chapter as a whole, as well as many on their recruiting world, revere the Emperor as the greatest man to yet live, but not as a God. The chapter Steel Masters also look upon the dogmatic religion of the Mechanicus with a sense of humor, and when not dealing with them ignore its religious trappings and aim to improve and expand their knowledge without the strictures of the Mechanicus hampering their efforts. This willingness to experiment has led to a number of disasters of one sort or another, but also gave rise to a number of variant vehicles which when the warps storms disipated were found to already be in use by a number of Astartes chapters.

Psykers are relatively common on Crall VI, and nearly every citizen has a latent talent with it, which gives rise to a very large number of psykers within the the Chapter. The Librarium having nearly 10% of the chapter strength, though the chapter is nowhere near the Codex one thousand, having nearly five hundred total. Every Star Drake is trained to use his latent abilities to allow for communications and enhance their senses, while barring their minds to all but the Dragon Readers (Librarians) of the chapter and their closest lodge brothers.

--Drakon Tu'shak--

Time taken to finish: 9 hours (not counting drying times)

Contrast is a bit bleh, so the next pic will be fiddled with to allow for more showing of detail.

Right leg has a sword holding death angel worked into it, while the left has Tu'shak's personal heraldry of a bronze face mask with ruby eyes and blooded headdress.
Headhunter shoulder pauldrons, as well as drake symbols on the Swift Death saurus hide covered Storm Shield.
Thunder Hammer with runic inscriptions and rune stones, as well as trophies hung from the power cabling.
Hopefully I'll have a few more figs/models ready before Christmas to post up about.

Comments and critiques are always welcome! Until later!

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