Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Whichever holidays you celebrate this time of year, happy holidays to you and yours. Be well, drive safely, and I hope you get the presents you asked for.

Now on to other things. I recieved a unit of Stormblade Infantry and bought a unit of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages for my Cygnar Warmachine force. Brings me up to a 25pt. battleforce to learn the game with, and leaves me plenty of room to grow into a 50 pt steamroller list. Only downside of getting such an awesome deal on the Stormblades ($17 including shipping O.o) is that they are lightly primed in black... I hate black primer, as I tend to prime in grey as it allows me to do darks and lights without a lot of issues.

I'm working on scratch building razorback turrets as well as getting the sketches for scratch built predator turrets and sponsons. The idea is to give the predators a totally unique look, so it is a semi-secret project, just know that turtles will not be harmed in the creation of these unique turrets.

I've also worked out the next batch of repurposed marines to work on next week, going to get the paint redone on 20 Grey Hunters and 12 Long Fangs. As well as some repaint on my Godhammer-pattern Land Raider. Overall not a huge amount to do in a week, but I will also be working on my warmahordes figs to get them finished.

So with that I say fair thee well until anon!


  1. How are the turrets going. I've tried it a couple of times but I have never been happy enough with the results to actually show anyone...

    How are yours?

  2. Badly, I've had to dump 3 sculpts so far into the trash due to various issues. But I do have a 'plan' of sorts, which I hope to have working by the end of next week.