Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron: Legacy Review

Okay, I admit this has nearly nothing to do with the RPG/Miniature gaming hobby. So what? This has been a movie that has been on the must see list of many for months (if not years). Most gamers have seen and enjoyed the original Tron movie, its a classic after all. And I've been a Tron fan for decades now. So when the opportunity to take my family to see it in Real 3D, it was a given that I'd have to see it.

Now, firstly, I won't complain about the overpricing of theatre tickets and concessions, those are a given anymore and the reason many don't go to a theatre. Nor will I complain about the 'badside' of going to the theatre, chatting people, noisy babies, etc. Since for the first time those things didn't really happen (shock!).

I won't give away anything, as I find it is annoying to have done to me. So I will just cover aspects of the movie as a whole, and give a review based on my overall impression.

The acting was very good, with the choice of actors and actresses being quite good. The anonymous nature of many of the roles filled with colorful looking people helped keep the world of the Grid from looking homogeneous. Bruce Boxletter and Jeff Bridges carried over their roles from the first Tron exceptionally well.

The plotline is easy enough to find on the web, but I will say that it is pretty good, and gives the movie a good energy and fast pace when needed. It is a classic good vs evil plotline, but has a few fun twists and interesting tweaks on the normal g v e type movies. The evolution of the Grid is fun to see as well, with curves becoming a normal thing over pure angles.

The CGI and 3D work were incredible, with effects that quite literally had me going 'Oh Wow!' and 'Damn!' throughout the movie. The evolution of the Grid giving all new looks to the classic ideas, and introducing whole new ideas that take the story to a new level. Surprisingly enough, many of the coming feature trailers had me saying the same things, but that is beside the point.

If I had anything to complain about it would have nothing to do with the film itself, but the theatre having not enough seating further back. Sitting close in on a 3D movie is an eye straining event. 3D technology has definitely grown since the days of the red lense/blue lense glasses, and I'm happy with how it has developed.

I give Tron: Legacy 5 stars. It is action packed, has humorous moments, and gives nods to the classic era of the first movie. All while keeping the audience wondering what is coming next. Well worth seeing in the theatre, and I will definitely be buying a copy when it comes out on Blueray.

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