Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1850 pt. Tourney

Well, this past Saturday was the tournament at Capital City Games. 1850 points, 4 rounds. Overall... well... my play is still really really rusty after a couple years of not playing. I won 1, lost 3. Though, in all fairness my second match was pretty close, but the Khornate army I fought made it impossible to get one of the victory conditions (highest number of non-troop kill points). He took 5 units that were not troops, I had 8. Plus having 2 HQ's and a troops unit run off the board was highly annoying.

But I do have a few pics of some of the armies involved, as well as a couple pics of the midgame action in my second battle. The tourney had a smaller turnout than anyone expected, ended up with 2 tables not used at all during the tourney. Chaos, Space Wolves, IG, 'Nids all had a good showing. For some reason no one plays Orks in tourneys around here anymore. Surprisingly the normal Eldar players didn't show up this month.

So we had:
2 Mech IG lists
1 Blood Angels list
1 Space Wolves list (with 8, YES 8, drop pods & 3 rune priests. This one took best general)
1 counts as Space Wolves (My 'homebrew')
1 Khorne marine list
1 Nurgle marine list
1 'Nid mycetic drop bugzilla list
1 'Nid bugzilla list
1 Necron list
1 'Vanilla' marine list w/Khorsako Khan
1 other list I can't remember, because the player pulled his normal 'I'm not winning so I'm leaving' crap. (He bailed after round 2 when he lost a match to the guy who got best general).

So on to the pics.
My Grave Walkers took the center fast in turn 1, then proceeded to get wittled down in CC.
Lesson learned in this game, Space Wolf bikers suck, REALLY suck.

Nightbringer sucks... way overpowered... seriously T8? At least he's slow lol.

This is the army that got best painted. Well deserved, the defiler... well I'll say more with the next pics of it. But well won on that award.
Hmmm... anyone see a resemblance?
This defiler is converted out of a Defiler kit and the Hellboy II: The Golden Army golden army soldier fig. It looks sweet, and took the guy a while to build.
Overall I realized a few things with this tournament.
1) 1850 is honestly to many points, lists get pretty silly at this level. And when you try to make a balanced list (I really did try, and it was pretty close), you get spanked, hard, and a lot.
2) Comp sucks. Comp is retarded. Comp shouldn't exist. It's totally subjective, detracts from other aspects of the hobby, and basically is a way to skew scores.
3) My dice hate me... I literally rolled 4 1's on saves in one round, followed it up with 3 1's on to hits... while my opponent rolled 4 6's in a row.
4) Even when I am complimented on my sportsmanship, I get second lowest sportsmanship score in the tournament... even when I KNOW I got at least 1 person who scored me with the highest possible rating, and no one gave me bad scores. Yet I was 6 points down from the highest, tied in next to last, and only 1 point higher than the lowest? wtf? I'm positive Comp gets rolled into it, and my Comp score was only average.
5) I think that painting should be only scored by the participants, not the organizers. The painting score list they use screws some people, they consistantly miss the fact that certain things are done, and never once has the person judging asked a single question about theme etc. Yet theme and other areas are part of the scoring.

Oh well, onward and upward! I did have fun, which is the important part. Though I was a little embarassed that I had a few unpainted figs and an unpainted rhino on the boards... but that is due to an ebay seller sending things a week late, so I got them the day before the tournament.

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