Thursday, September 30, 2010

Projects, projects, projects

When all else fails, shoot it, shoot it lots, shoot it even more, damnit you aren't shooting it enough!

I've come across a possible client who would like to get a LOT of IG painted to a good standard (Leman Russ company, several platoons of infantry, etc etc etc.). Unfortunately, even after giving him the contact info twice to get hold of me to work out details, he still hasn't gotten around to it (or forgotten). But thems the breaks as a freelance painter/converter/etc. So I've put together some mini-projects and a semi-big project to fill time as I wait for my business startup money to be cleared. Plan to expand my paint collection, get a number of useful tools, as well as a number of boxes of figs from 40K and WFB ranges, and a number of figs/units from Hordes & Warmachine as well. Though, I'm finding that having kids, university work, and just life in general make for sporadic painting and converting times.

Honestly, it's not too bad overall, since I've learned a number of lessons on how to speed up my miniature work without lowering quality. I've also relearned a lesson from many many years ago about the quality of used materials (see my last post). But in the end it comes down to exposure, small exposure = limited options for clientelle. So I'm starting to work on ways to expand my exposure, firstly by finishing working on my challenge to the masses Deathwatch project.

Tentatively I have a project schedule which looks like this.
1) Deathwatch Kill Team. 6 members, 1 Librarian, 1 Assault, 1 Devestator, 3 Tactical. Possibly a Rhino as well. Estimated finish end of next week. Minor conversions on most, major conversions on the Libby as I basically build it up from a 'basic' marine.
Go go badass judgemental overly kill happy dudes (dudettes) in Power Armor! Wait... that's like 70% of 40k armies...
2) Knight of Bal Timorea, definitely 1 knight, possibly 2. Also thinking of a retainer or two. Estimated finish, 2nd week of October.
3) Retasking of my marine figs. Massive color scheme change, iconography change, as well as a number of minor to major conversions on ALL the figs, including 3 Rhinos and a Godhammer pattern Land Raider. I'm interspercing this work around all other projects, and estimate it will take anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks to finish. But knowing my penchant for late nights, little sleep, and manic periods of painting/sculpting/converting, I 'might' actually finish all 50+ marines, 30+ termies, and all the vehicles before the end of next week... but I doubt it, I still need 8 cold ones, 5 more jump packs, and a handful of other major vehicle components.
4) Get my new photo box finished. Since I'm working the design time and execution around all other projects this might take a while. Though, overall, this is probably the easiest project.
5) Work on some specific hobby related articles to post here and at other blogs (if those blogs are interested). I have a short list of topics I'm working through to come up with likely good topics to expand upon. This project is my 'very long term' one, which will continue to grow as I work on it. I'll be working on this a bit every day. Expect expanded hobby related posts soon (tm)!

And since we know that images help draw readers, or give a sense of the writers mood...

Anime, girls with guns, nuns that are hawt... enough said.

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