Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thinking of a project idea

I've started thinking of an idea for a project that would keep me busy during slack times, as well as help out an organization I personally think is worth every penny donated to it.

My idea is similar to the Storm Wardens project Santa Cruz Warhammer did this summer. The organization I'd like to help out with this project is St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. I've had family members needing specialized care as children who have been taken there. And they do everything they can to help remedy ailments in children, along with the keeping the children's spirits high.

Now the idea is to NOT do a marine army. As the Storm Wardens project was a great idea, and I wouldn't want to do something basically the same. But this brings up an issue of what race/army to do. There are a number of options, but we'll start by removing the ones that are limited in conversion ability due to lack of plastics in the lines. Also removing lists whose Codex is not 5th edition. This leaves us with the following options:

1) Chaos Space Marines
2) Orks
3) Tyranids
4) Imperial Guard
5) Eldar
6) Deamons

Next is deciding on the points for the list, as in the work having to reach this point limit, but being able to go over that. Personally I'd love to see people pool together on this and do at least 1850 points, but 1250 is a much easier goal to reach. The question is what points limit seems reasonable? 1250, 1850, 2500, something else?

Also, just so people don't think it's a hammer it out before the end of the year thing. I'm thinking this should be done by Adepticon 2011, possibly Games Day Chicago. So there will be time to get things done right, as well as drum up support for the project. To be honest I think Games Day Chicago is the best bet, as it may take a few months to get people interested in this project, and donate their support, time, and efforts.

I'd like feedback on this idea, even negative feedback. Since for the moment it is simply an idea, though it is a good one.


  1. I don't have much feedback for you unfortunately, but having been honored to have been a part of the Storm Wardens Project, all I can say is that more projects like this certainly can go a long way.

    I do know this, get all of your ducks in a row behind the scenes, otherwise it will be an incredibly huge headache with possible legal ramifications.

    The Tyranids are such a fun army, it'd be fun to see a collaborative build on those guys. Then again, a large Guard army is always impressive as well.

  2. I agree, 'nids and Guard are great armies, with a good amount of fun and 'wiggle room' for conversions.

    I'm definitely wanting to talk to the guys who ran the Storm Wardens project to help figure out some of the behind the scenes things. Having people with experience to talk with about it would be a big plus.