Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventures in magnetizing

With an 1850 pt 40k tournament tomorrow, and FINALLY recieving my Ebay order placed on the 1st today... I got down to slapping together another rhino, and magnetizing some resin cast marine torsos I made. Now, before anyone says 'copyright infringement', these were made for my personal use only. And basically to test how to do some serious impact damage work without screwing up plastics. Not to mention, it's kind of fun to mix up resin incorrectly and get some 'melted' looking torsos for objective marker and basing use.

I used 1/8"x1/16" magnets to set up 4 torsos for swapping out various weapon options. I then magnetized 10 pistol/close combat/pfist/ss type arms, a missile launcher, and 2 sets of 'grunt' bolter arms. To be honest, it seems simple enough to do, and is if you take a couple precautions that should have been no brainers. First off, they are really fiddly, and EASY to drop... next time I'll make sure to do my work over a bowl or something. Next off, polarity can be an interesting way to shoot a little magnet across a room. But lastly, half the time the darned things would flip over without me noticing and then I'd have them glued in the wrong polarity facing out... luckily not before the super glue bonded.

I've found that this is a GREAT thing to do with minis, and I'm definitely stocking up on a lot of magnets as soon as I can. Probably in several sizes. I'm thinking of doing magnetized weapons on my finished minis, which would reduce the need to do major repaints if I magnetize them. Plus it would give me the option to let any of my 'grunts' become a special weapons carrier, definitely a good thing.

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