Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WIP: Lady Hammerstrike

Malifaux is an interesting game, skirmish level miniatures battles in a world of technology (steam age level) and magic. The figures from Wyrd Games  are all very characterful, interesting, and I am finding quite fun to paint. Though this fig has a few issues, which I am limiting myself to commenting on, as I can't say it's line wide. This figure had a bit of mold misalignment, which caused a lot of flash and 'splash' around areas of it. Also the hammer she is holding required my glueing the head back onto, as the shaft was VERY flimsy at the join to the hammerhead. Some of the flash and mold lines I simply couldn't remove, and I tried a handful of things to remove it. In the end I simply find this model to have been a bad cast, but I'm still enjoying painting it.

I've finished up the skin, save for a little detailing and clean-up I plan to do, and I've moved onto the clothing. Having done the top in a gradual lightening from fortress grey up to a 4:1 white:fortress grey at the final highlight/raised areas. The paints were done in goblin green with shading of goblin green and warlock purple mixture at a 3:1 w/8 parts water, and the highlighs being goblin green + P3 'Jack Bone in a 3:1 w/8 parts water ratio. The leather glove and boots are getting P3 Bootstrap Leather base, with shading in Bootstrap Leather + Warlock Purple (GW) in a 3:1 w/8 parts water ratio, and highlights of Bootstrap Leather + 'Jack Bone at 2:1 w/8 parts water.

After I finish work on the glove, I will be moving on to the boots and hammer. Leaving the arm and hair for last, then final detailing (eyes, lips/mouth, buckles, belts, etc.). At this point I could finish it in a couple hours, but I'm finding that with this fig an hour or so at a time works out best. As I'm using a character level of painting, and not my 'game play' level I use for blocks of troops. It is definitely fun and a bit challenging to work a few new techniques into painting this figure, as my previous style relied more on drybrushing, and layers, while this figure is showcasing my work in layered blending, blending, and a few other ideas I've come across and co-opted into my forte'.

At this point I'm not sure if I will keep this fig once finished, or sell it, as I don't play the game. Though if I do keep it I'll be going to the smallest gameshop in my city to play, as neither of the other LGS even stock Malifaux.

Commentary appreciated.

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