Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ever have one of those months?

I purchased a number of bits from a seller on Ebay (not naming names). Seems simple enough, paid on the 1st of the month. It's now the early early morning of the 14th and still no bits, no reply to messages or e-mails... and my patience is getting a little thin. I'm giving the seller until evening tomorrow before I start really pushing for resolution. Anyone else run into issues like this on Ebay? It's a first for me.

Oh, and on a slightly different but makes me groan note... I've run out of matte varnish spray, and really don't want to go the hardware store route. None of the local game shops have anything I'm willing to use (I'm not at all a fan of GW sprays, far to many issues over the years). Ordering online unfortunately is more costly, and waiting on the FLGSs to restock is slowing down my work.

But on a happy note, sold a fair amount of nicely painted Tau at the beginning of the month. I plan to post up pics of the finished work, and a description of what I did. There were a few minor conversions, and the paint scheme was very much an above average take on some basic color combinations.

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  1. I'll suggest this to solve your varnish woes.

    And one suggestion: You red titles on the grey background is painful.