Thursday, September 23, 2010

Conversion, and why sometimes lack of sleep is a good thing.

Can't get to sleep, and suddenly I get an idea... a 'Great' idea... well okay probably mildly neat, and definitely better done by me with little rest.

The idea is to scrap my Grave Walkers, and change some things a bit using the same figs, and some 'minor' (read: Lots of) repainting. Plus some conversions and greenstuff work. The new idea is to use the Space Wolves rules like I already am, but to go a somewhat different route altogether on the imagery, iconography, and other areas. Basically, I'm thinking lizards, dragons, dinosaurs. Which has definitely been done, but it is a 'Great' idea.

So out came the tools, the greenstuff, and some of the figs I'd 'finished' or had started. Next thing you know it's nearly 6am and I have a bit done towards my goal.

First fig, note the spines/horns. Just part of what I'm seeing in this project. Arms are magnetized, so working on them is a bit tougher... still waiting on buying my armature vice.
This turned out quite nicely, scale pattern worked a lot better than I expected on the first try.
This is a bit harder to see, I'm still working on adjusting settings on my camera. But the hand has a spine coming off it, and a VERY light scale pattern around it.
This is a little off the idea, did some greenstuff work on a Deathwatch Inquisition symbol on the shoulder... it needs a little work... next pic will show why.
The why... basically I lost a bit of width in the lowest right 'bar' of the symbol. Not a big deal since I can always add more greenstuff to fix it later. Just need to let it set up before I get back to it.
Love how the spine and scale pattern blended into the shoulder pad on the scout. This might be the easiest, yet hardest greenstuff work I'll do. It's definitely both at the same time, since the thinner the greenstuff gets the more it likes to move and tear.
Hard to tell but the hide has a wave to it, and bunches along the right leg pauldron. But overall the patterning worked out very well.
Once I get things going on this, I think I'll enjoy working on the painting. I'm thinking of working a few techniques I've been practicing on super thin coat blending to give it a different feel from my previous work. I'm going with a green, blue/green, blue color range on the scales. I think I'll be using red/purple in the shading, to give more definition to the scales. But I'm not sure it will work well. I need to tie it into the bone to white of the armor, so I may go with a chestnut ink blend into the shadows, or some browns.

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