Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rapid Prep

Capital City Games is having a 1850 point 40k tournament this Saturday. So now I'm in rapid prep mode on my Space Wolf analog list and minis. So far I have painted up roughly 1600 points, but there are a few units I need to finish up to at least tabletop standard (which is not my typical standard). Including a small unit of Thunderwolf Cav, which I'm going a different route with. My TWC are going to be on armored warhorses, until I can find a reasonable costing (or get my greenstuff-fu up to par) bear mount. So far all the really good war bear type mounts I've found available are just tooooooo expensive ($30+ each). I've seen a few conversion ideas for chaos hounds + horses that look interesting though so I may go that route.

My 'homebrew' chapter is the Grave Walkers, a 13th founding chapter. They recruit from a mix of native American indian and Teutonic analog worlds in the Eastern Fringe at the edge of the light of the fluctuating Astronomicon. Due to some disasters in the past, this chapter is less well known than many, and have become scavengers of battlefields to replace some of the harder to replace wargear.

Their homeworld has vast tracts of desert and badlands, as well as scrub forests and mountains. For a time it was a cemetary world, and now the chapter acts partially as caretakers to the shrines and tombs. As well as enturing those they feel deserve the honor of place in their home. The local human population is made of nations of Germanic and Native American indian 'nations'. Semi-nomadic to nomadic in nature, who haven't reverted back to primitive technology fully. They all use motorcycles, dune buggies, and the like as combat vehicles. And firearms are uncommon and revered as ancestral weapons. The planet itself is nearly a deathworld, with native flora and fauna having mixed with imported genestock millenia ago. Bringing forth such creatures as the Stone Hide Bear, Spirit Wolf, Shadow Lynx, Deathclaw Saurus, & Dust Eagle.

Their color scheme is a sandy bleached bone to white, offset with a charcoal grey, sky blue, or red/browns. Their chapter symbol is a grave stone in grey, and 'company' markings are somewhat haphazard at this point. I'm still working out the full details of their organization, but I'm leaning towards a war chief's warband over companies. And I'm thinking individual markings for each member, as each will be a warrior working towards his own saga.

A few semi-good pics of some of the army minis.

Yes, this is part of my workspace, notice the metal termies in the background... part of the 20+ metal termies I've got for this army

'Jet bikes' converted from SM bikes, as well as a 'Attack Recon Vehicle' made from plasticard, sprue, wheels and farings from SM bikes, and vehicle accessory bits and a devestator multi-melta. I'm still refining the idea for the next incarnation, but they are really fun to model.

Bases I modelled for use with this army. My next batch will likely be a bit more refined as I plan to resin cast from the next batch. Making them was fairly easy, using sculpey and fimo clay.

Couldn't leave out my first army sale, a roughly 1300 point force of Tau. Here is one of the Hammerhead/Devilfish.
This suit has a minor conversion. I extended the arms from the shoulders with some plastic tubing, as well as lengthened the upper arm. The stubby arms on the suits bugged the crap out of me, and this looked more natural.

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