Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With Fantasy Flight Games newly released Deathwatch RPG having hit like a storm, I've decided to put up a challenge project for those who are interested. After recieving my trade with Mik through the Barter Bucket (Run at the Santa Cruz Warhammer site) a personal project of mine has made me think of a concept to show how others see the Ordo Xenos and Deathwatch.

The idea is this (and the challenge rules).
1) Using available bits, miniatures, and conversion work, create a Kill Team. With a minimum of 5 figures, and a maximum of 10.

2) Keep to the fluff as much as possible, in that ALL marines will have a silvered left arm/shoulder pad w/Inquisition marking. Armor will be black (exceptions to be listed below), with chapter markings on the right shoulderpad (chapter symbol, colors, markings).
2.1) At least 4 of the 6 primary 'career paths' should be shown in the Kill Team: Tactical, Assault, Devestator, Apothecary, Librarian, Techmarine. (This KT would be perfect for use as a Vanguard Vet or Sternguard unit, if you make enough figs, and leave out the Libby, Apothecary, and Techmarine... though they could be used in the army in those spots they fit... just a thought).

3) The Kill Team should be 'upgradeable' through the use of magnets, such as magnetized arms with different weapon options.

4) Each marine should be from a different chapter, be it the 6 listed in the RPG rulebook, or others. No limiting it to the 6 in the book.

5) Exceptions to 'basic' armor paint schemes:
5.1) Techmarine: To show their dedication to the Mechanicum, Techmarines are allowed the Mechanicum red on their knee pads and lower legs/feet. Mechanicum symbol on right knee (not required, but that is where it should go).

5.2) Apothecary: To show their vocation as primary healers in most chapters, the Apothecary symbol and color white is allowed on the right knee and lower leg.

5.3) Librarian: To show their special place as Librarians within chapter and Deathwatch, Librarians may have blue armor from the knee down, as well as the horned skull (or chapter specific design) upon their right knee.

6) Vehicles: Not required for the challenge, but no stopping people from doing up a transport/tank for their KT. Personally I'm limiting myself to a Rhino APC, but feel free to do whatever you want for yours.

Feel free to join in the challenge, and comment to your hearts content!

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